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Qpack – Corrugated Boxes, Labeling, and Packaging Solutions… “Box It, Protect It!”

Founded by Zalatimo Industries in 2005, Qpack sets an enviably high standard in the Middle East and throughout the world for producing corrugated boxes that combine exceptional quality with affordability

Qpack works with customers around the world and in a diverse range of markets. The Middle East, Europe, North America, Asia… food production, merchandising, retail, shipping, and many more. We have the skill and experience to meet any corrugated packaging challenge!

Discover the Qpack difference:

  • Superior engineering, top-quality materials provide protection against shock, vibration, temperature extremes, compression, and more.
  • Standardized packaging helps optimize logistics.
  • Reduce damage & losses, save money, and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Unique design features promote convenience during shipping, distribution, storage.
  • Labelling that provides informative function, advertising assistance.

Our Qpack division offers an extensive line of corrugated boxes & packaging materials, and we specialize in working directly with customers to design custom solutions to achieve their packaging needs. Our main factory in Sahab, Jordan is a huge facility – we can gear up for extremely large production orders. We have the production capacity to meet all of your packaging needs.

  • 98% KPI on time delivery.
  • High speed machine to serve you better.
  • Corrugator BHS with 400m/min.
  • EMBA – BOBST – MARTIN Converting machines.
  • ISO 9001-45001 Certified.