Hello & welcome!

For Zalatimo Industries, arriving at this moment in time has been a wonderful & rewarding journey. From very humble beginnings, this company was founded in Jordan in 2005 with a simple mission – to provide a wide range of quality packing materials and plastic products, at outstanding prices.

Today, less than a decade later, Zalatimo Industries spans the globe, in a number of different sectors. We have operations, partners, and customers in every part of the world. Qpack and Qplastic have expanded into regional industry leaders, and their success will guarantee our entry into new markets. Our growth has been a remarkable achievement, and for that I would like to take a moment to thank our co-founder and my father, Marwan Zalatimo – thank you for helping me live my dream. It is only with your help, love, and respect that I have been able to get this far.

Today, we continue to operate by the principles that have allowed us to enjoy so much success. Our commitment is to excellence in every professional capacity: in the quality of our products, in the diligence of our service, and most of all in the satisfaction of our customers. Doing just enough to get by is never enough to succeed; doing everything we can is the Zalatimo Industries guarantee.

For the future, Zalatimo Industries is positioned to build upon what we have already accomplished. Qpack and Qplastic are the first two companies in what will soon be a network of businesses united under the Zalatimo Industries banner. We are always looking for fresh markets and opportunities to expand, and we are excited to bring our reputation for outstanding service to new customers around the globe.

I hope and expect that this will be just the beginning of great accomplishments for Zalatimo Industries.