One of the most important goals of Zalatimo Industries is to do our part to ensure that the world we leave to our children is a better world than the one that was left to us. We are determined to embrace our obligation to provide leadership to that end.

Zalatimo Industries pledges to always uphold & support.

  • Professional conduct in accordance with the law
  • Basic human rights worldwide
  • Respect for all individuals, regardless of beliefs
  • Respect for the environment & sustainable operations
  • Job creation & wage betterment at the local level
  • Charitable giving to provide for those less fortunate

At Zalatimo Industries, we take our corporate social responsibilities very seriously. We are more than just a company – we are a member of an enlightened global corporate citizenry that is working diligently to make the world a better place every day.

Health – Zalatimo Industries commitment to health starts at home, where we work tirelessly to ensure a safe work environment for our employees, and safe products for our customers. This commitment to health pays tremendous dividends in guaranteeing employee happiness, boosting productivity, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Environment – Zalatimo Industries respects the environment and we recognize the need to preserve it. We carefully abide by all emissions laws for waste, air, and water, create green areas in our facilities, practice rigorous recycling standards, and work with local jurisdictions to ensure our neighbors are comfortable & protected.

Charity – Zalatimo Industries gives back to communities through a wide range of charitable initiatives. We are very proud of our work with the Itaf Zalatimo Foundation, an organization that is bringing hope & help to individuals in need every day – a percentage of our revenues is donated to ensure this foundation has the resources to make a positive difference.

We hope you will join with us in supporting these efforts to make the world a happier, healthier, safer, and more beautiful place to live!