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Marwan Zalatimo, Chairman.

Marwan Zalatimo brings more than four decades of experience in manufacturing to his work at Zalatimo Industries. His previous professional work includes managing Middle East regional sales for Caterpillar, and he eventually rose to become a board member of the company. In 1994, Marwan launched a textile manufacturing company that exported high-fashion name brands to the United States. Currently, in addition to helping guide the success & growth of Zalatimo Industries, Marwan is active in launching commercial & residential real estate projects around the world.


Mohamed Zalatimo, CEO.

Mohamed Zalatimo has been involved in entrepreneurial activities all his life. After graduating from Purdue University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Science, at the age of 22 Mohamed debuted his first business, a trading company based in Jordan that exported products to markets in the United States. He followed that up with Qpack in 2005 and sister company Qplastic in 2011, forming the foundation of Zalatimo Industries.

Ibrahim Mohamed

Ibrahim Mohamed has always been looking forward to challenges and need to learn more, he brings his appetite for learning, improving and adopting to the company.  He has challenging himself since he joined Zalatimo Industries and has been pushing the team to come up new and improved ways to provide support to the customers of Zalatimo Industries and his hard work is reflected in his rapid promotions. Given that he is a native of the country so he better understand native needs and his post of customer service assistant manager in the new division of the company both are a perfect fit making him a valuable asset for our team.