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Quality Plastic
Another Zalatimo Industries division, Qplastic was founded in 2011 with the goal of helping businesses find low-cost, quality plastics solutions. We have a passion for what we do the Qplastics design team is constantly devising new products, making improvements to our current line, and working diligently to push the boundaries of customer service & satisfaction.

We currently offer a wide range of standard plastic products:

    Shopping bags
    Trash bags
    Carrier bags
    Dry cleaning bags
    Drawstring bags
    Biodegradable bags
    Bin liners
    Agricultural films
    Hygienic films
    Medical films
    And much more...!

Qplastic also works closely with customers to design custom plastic products to exacting specifications, for a range of unique applications. If you need a plastic product designed from the ground up, we have the engineering expertise to accomplish all of your goals.

At Qplastic, we work with customers across the globe in dozens of different market sectors. Our production facility in Sahab, Jordan is spacious and ultra-modern we have the ability to successfully meet huge production runs for multi-national corporations, or small businesses that require great products at competitive prices.

Zalatimo Industries, Qpack, & Qplastic defining quality and creating value for a new generation of businesses.